Maladministration at its level best

Gone are the days when customer satisfaction used to be the order of things at Metrorail South Africa. I personally don’t think those two words still exists in their vocabulary be it in meetings,policies,code of conduct,goals and objectives of the parastatal owned locomotives company . Gone are the days when the City to City buses would ferry the poor loyal customers to their destinations in case of a hiccup on service delivery.One particular example is the Jo’burg -Vereeniging route.I have been monitoring this route’s efficiency but in vain. The service is more than  pathetic. l bet on my life,many has lost jobs that fed their families .It cant be a daily excuse. Somebody in their hierarchy is not doing his job,thus a sure thing


l think when somebody buys a monthly ticket ,it becomes more of a contract ,an agreement that binds  that no matter under what circumstances,we will take you to your destination in the prescribed timetables.It  just boggles the mind when that doesn’t happen. What really annoys the poor customers is the lake of communication,one has to assume what happens next  if a train gets stuck,which has eventually became a norm and considering what the masses of these people are earning,they don’t have an option. Their salaries are too low forcing them to make use of the trains whether they like it or not.
I  don’t think this kind of business would operate in the same way if they had competition. Truly they would loose all the customer’s. ls this  not what is called Maladministration?l wonder.

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